APR 2012 – Documentary

“Happy Jacks” — a 19 minute documentary that explores a pawnshop in Regina. With a 13 week time frame and three other group members, I produced this film for Documentary 402.

FEB 2012 – Mini-documentary

Substandard conditions and a shortage of safe, reliable homes characterize the state of housing in El Salvador. Habitat for Humanity, the country’s national housing strategy, builds hundreds of homes every year to do their part in easing the crisis. This is the story of one local resident, and a Candian team of Habitat for Humanity volunteers who are helping to make her dream come true.

JAN 2012 – Visual Essay

“Untitled” — It is what you make it. A visual essay I created for Documentary 402.

DEC 2011 – Mini documentary

“Mandi’s Army” — a 7 minute doc about the legacy of Mandi Schwartz, a young hockey hero from small-town Saskatchewan. Picked up by the Regina Leader-Post, Yale Daily News, and Women’s Hockey Life websites.

OCT 2011 — INK street beat

Two weeks into the Occupy Regina protests: will the movement survive the cold?

OCT 25/2011 — CBC Vote Mob

As a collaborative project with CBC, our journalism class was sent out into the community to find out what is important for the average Saskatchewanian in the 2011 election. Aired on CBC News Saskatchewan.

Feb 2011 — Global News demo

 Here’s a sample from my demo reel while interning at Global Calgary— a flooding story covered on a cold winter day.

December 2010 – JTV News

Anchoring the Journalism School newscast.



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